Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doppelgängers (15)

Two of this week's covers come from Shelby at Lost in a Book. Thanks, Shelby!
Dragonswood vs. Carrier of the Mark vs. The Mind Readers
I'm just going to start by saying the ink effect on Carrier of the Mark beats everything, because it looks really cool. But the angle kind of ruins that cover for me, especially when you put it next to Dragonswood and The Mind Readers. The side shot looks so much more dramatic (though, perhaps too dramatic on Dragonswood with the giant dress, though I must admit that cover is growing on me). I also like the grey background of CotM, and the way the title changes colors in front of the girl. I do like the other covers, they're lovely, I just like more about the CotM cover (though I really wish her hair didn't look so perfect and unmoving. It just doesn't work for what's going on).

Leave a comment to let me know which cover you prefer!

If you've spotted any Doppelgängers, please contact the Center for Doppelgänger Comparison.

Last week's winner: Despite being up since November (gosh, has it really been that long?), no one voted, so it's a tie. ;P


Shelby said...

Thanks for using mine! I have to say, I like DRAGONSWOOD the best, but the blue ink on CotM is so amazing!

Orchid said...

I am torn between Carrier of the Mark and Dragonswood as my favorite because they both did a nice job...

I think that I will go with CotM because I just love the inky blue smoke. =)