Saturday, October 8, 2011

On My Shelf (29)

On My Shelf highlights books I've acquired and read in the past week, as well as a little about what I'm writing, and other blog worthy news. I think it's pretty obvious where I got my inspiration for the feature from, but I will follow blog etiquette and link to Kristi (In My Mailbox @ The Story Siren), Sheila (It's Monday, What Are You Reading? @ Book Journey), and Kate (The Shelf Report @ The Neverending Shelf) anyway. ;)


Once again, I had better luck at a library sale when I didn't go. My sisters picked these up for me this morning. Best. Sisters. Ever. I love The Spiderwick Chronicles! Usually I'd try to make a series last a bit, but I'll probably burn through these before the end of the month, and read them all again next month. See my reviews of The Field Guide and The Seeing Stone.

I've ditched Delirium and gone back to reading The Girl in the Steel Corset... which I started in June. It's a bit of a time consuming read, but it's good. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this month. It hasn't taken me this long to read something since Deathly Hallows came out.

This week I also read Gothic Sports vol. 1-3 by Anike Hage, Gaba Kawa by Rie Takada, and Dramacon vol. 1 by Svetlana Chmakova.

Remember last week, when I said #SuperSecretBlogProject was almost ready to post? Yeah, well... I decided to start over with it. I didn't like how it was going, and I think it's going to be much better with the changes I've made, but this means it's not going to be on the blog for quite some time.

Pretty sure that's all for this week. Happy reading!


Little Miss Becky : ) said...

Oh, I LOVE the Spiderwick Chronicles! Everyone in my family has read them and loved them--well, except the six year old, but I'm sure he'll read them in the next few years! They are so fantastic!

Amanda said...

I can't wait until you reveal the super secret blog project!

Grace Fonseca said...

Those Spiderwick Chronicles look awesome. Love the covers to them. Really awesome. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

Amanda Welling said...

Another week and more amazing books! Have fun reading all of your new editions! :)

Come visit my IMM!

Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

bookgoonie said...

The Spiderwick series is a fun series and a pretty good movie.

Happy Reading.

Amy @

Orchid said...

Yay! You'll have to let me borrow the rest of The Spiderwick Chronicles after you read them.

Happy reading. =)