Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wish List Wednesday 56


The Seeing Stone
by Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi
Pub. date: May 2003

A thrilling follow-up to DiTerlizzi and Black's first Spiderwick Chronicles book, The Seeing Stone has Jared and Mallory rescuing Simon from a band of goblins. When the young boy is kidnapped, Thimbletack leads Jared to a stone that allows him to have "the sight," or the ability to see magical creatures. Soon, the brother and sister are outfoxing a hungry troll, working with a helpful goblin named Hogsqueal to thwart the other goblins, and taking care of a wounded griffin. With more enchanted action than the first book and a suspenseful ending, this second installment will have kids chomping at the bit for more.

I absolutely loved The Field Guide! It was such a fantastic read, but it was too short, so I've been dying to get the sequel ever since I finished it. Plus, now I have the third book, which is just kind of torturing me because I can't read it, even though I really, really want to.


Orchid said...

I definitely know how that feels; I have a couple of books on my shelves tat I can't read till I get a middle book (or two).

Hope you can find The Seeing Stone soon. =)

Loveable Freak said...

I hate reading books out of order. I'm kind of intrested in The Spiderwick Chronicles. Hope you find the next book!