Saturday, August 13, 2011

Read Dangerously Read-A-Thon - Finish Line

     FINISH LINE     

10 p.m. The Read Dangerously Read-A-Thon is officially over. Time to put down the books and write your report. How did you do?

Here's some info to include in your report.
  • How many books did you read?
  • How many pages did you read?
  • What books did you read?
  • What was the best book you read?
  • What was the worst book you read?
  • Did you enjoy the read-a-thon?
  • Is there anything you think I should change if I host another read-a-thon?


Let's Evaluate said...

Didn't get as much reading done as I hoped [: but still had fun. [:

Erin @ Let's Evaluate
read-a-thon finishline

Amanda said...

I had a great time! Like others, I wish I could have read more.

Thanks for hosting!