Monday, August 1, 2011

Doppelgängers (8) - On the Waterfront

Doppelgängers in inspired by Alea's Lookalikes feature at Pop Culture Junkie.

Hereafter vs. So Shelly
This is a tough one. I kind of like both of them, but I don't love either of them. Hereafter is neat because she's a ghost and all, but I feel like she's a little too transparent. If you don't really look at it, it kind of just looks like floating shoulders and head, which is weird. I like the background more on So Shelly, and how there really isn't any detail. I also like the rickety old dock and the white dress. But at the same time, I don't really like either cover. What are your thoughts?

Vote in the comments for your favorite.

If you've spotted any Doppelgängers, please contact the Center for Doppelgänger Comparison.

Last week's winner: Tantalize faced off... actually away from (my fault for setting them up that way) Bree's Fire and it was a tie. So, either no one won or everyone did, depends on how you look at it. As for me, I think they both lost.


Orchid said...

I like So Shelly best because of the slightly stark look to the cover.
Hereafter just doesn't really work for me and I cannot put my finger on why. =)

Marriah said...

I'll agree that neither cover is particularly amazing, but I prefer So Shelley. I just feel like it's sleeker and simpler than Hereafter.