Monday, July 11, 2011

Doppelgängers (5) - Ruffles

This week's theme: dark-haired, pale girl in dark ruffly dress, foggy background, a few birds flying in the background. So, so similar. The weirdest thing about their many similarities is, usually when this happens it's pictures from the same photoshoot or the same exact picture. But these were clearly shot separately.
I must say, I think I like Torment a little more. Partly because the dress is a little more dramatic, with more ruffles than the one on Haunting Violet. There's also the model's pose. It just says more. The Haunting Violet model isn't really doing anything.

Vote in the comments for your favorite.

If you've spotted any Doppelgängers, please contact the Center for Doppelgänger Comparison.

Last week's winner: Only one person voted last week, and they picked Complete Chronicles of Narnia. Not exactly a landslide, but whatever.


Orchid said...

I like the tint of Haunting Violet, but think that overall Torment's cover is the better looking of the two. =)

Abigail Bunting said...

To me, it seems that the cover of Torment is more textured. The waterfall of black ruffles on her dress, her tangled arms- it looks more exciting than Haunting Violet, which just looks a bit generic to me.