Monday, July 4, 2011

Doppelgängers (4) - Here, Kitty, Kitty

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia vs. Tiger's Curse
This week's theme is big cats with swirly bits around them. This is a tough one. I like lions and tigers, but I'm not a huge fan or orange... or blue, come to think of it. In some ways I like Tiger's Curse more, mostly because the the font and the thing at the top, plus it has a nice finish in person. But I like the image on Narnia more.

Vote in the comments for your favorite.

If you've spotted any Doppelgängers, please contact the Center for Doppelgänger Comparison.

Last week's winner: Forgiven won with 2 votes! The Vespertine came in second with 1 vote, and Dark Angel went off to a corner to cry because no one voted for it.

1 comment:

Orchid said...

I like blue, but am going to have to go with Narnia on this one. Why, because I love Aslan from the series. :)