Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dangerous 20th Birthday Celebration - Welcome

Hello all, and welcome to

I will be turning 20 on Tuesday. How did I get to be this old?! Seriously, I feel like I should still be 15 or something. GAH!!! *doom spiral*


Sorry you had to see that. Need something to distract you from my drama... Ooh, I know: GIVEAWAY!

I have big plans for this birthday, and I'm including you, my dear readers. My blog and my birthday are two very big things for me, so it only seemed natural to finally bring them together. And like all good blog events, this one has prizes, because I like giving things away! It makes me happy, and it probably makes you happy too (one of you, anyway).

I decided (and by 'decided', I mean I bought half of the prize and the same day got a surprise second copy of a book in the mail, lucky for you) to go with a themed prize pack, and the theme is...

Thieves & Robbers!

Yes! One winner will get a copy of the fantastic Heist Society, which is about thieves, and a copy of Rotters, which is about grave robbers! So if you like books about people stealing things, this is the giveaway for YOU!

I wanted to make this giveaway a little more interesting, sooo instead of doing the usual follow my blog/twitter/tweet about the giveaway/etc. to get extra entries, I challenge you to a... challenge (actually 4, and one of them involves twitter)... Yeeeeah. The challenges aren't the only way you can enter, though, in case that's not your thing. There is an entry form at the bottom of this post, which will get you ONE entry into the giveaway. But if you want to increase your chances by, like, a LOT, you can do the challenges and earn more points and be awesome and one of my favorite readers EVER!

Here's the important info.
This giveaway is US only (sorry international people, but there is a giveaway for you here).
Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm (eastern) on August 19.
Challenges can be done any time before then.
A winner will be selected as soon as all the entries are tallied (probably between August 20-25. I have a book to write this month, after all).
The first challenge will be up tomorrow, so keep an eye out. Until then, you can get one entry for filling out the form below.

But that's not all. As part of my Dangerous* 20th Birthday Celebration, I am also hosting the Read Dangerously Read-A-Thon, which will run August 11-13. Three days of reading and mini challenges, with a chance to win a book of your choice! The best part is, the giveaway is international, because I want all my readers to have a chance to win something (like I said, I like giving things away).

Challenge List
I'll be updating this post with links to the challenges.

*Don't ask me why/how it's dangerous, because I'm not entirely sure. I just like that word. 'Dangerous' is the new 'awesome'... at least, I'm trying to make it that way. :)

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Orchid said...

Happy (late on the blog)20th birthday, Ren!!!
Hope you had a great day. =)