Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Challenge Update

We're halfway through the year, so I thought I'd give you an update on all the reading challenges I'm doing.

Manga Reading Challenge
My post
Goal: 6 mangas
Progress: 28
Date completed: February 6
Thoughts: I really like this challenge. The low goal made it fun and easy, and even though I've already finished it, it gives me an excuse to read more mangas.

A to Z Reading Challenge
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Goal: read a book for every letter of the alphabet
Progress: 11 letters
Thoughts: I kind of forgot I was doing this one, which explains why I haven't made much progress. Though catching up shouldn't be too hard, until I get to Q anyway.

6 Degrees Reading Challenge
My post
Goal: 18 books
Progress: 1
Thoughts: This is my own challenge, so of course I like it. I would have made more progress, but I didn't feel like reading my list in its original order, and didn't decide to reverse it until very recently. I really want to read all the books on my challenge list, so finishing this is definitely a high priority.
And those are my 2011 challenges. I really hope I'll be able to finish the last two!

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