Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cover For Me 4

Cover For Me is all about book covers and what I think of them. Sometimes it will just be one cover, sometimes it will be different covers for the same book.

This week's cover is...

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

US cover
I'm not really a fan of the colors, red and black are used way too much on paranormal books. But other than that, it's a decent cover. I really like the swirly, multi-lined font. The model seems a little awkward to me... Though I think they picked a good person for Kaylee. I really can't decide if I like it or not. I like the font, and the bit of text winding around the girl's arm, but the colors and the model's pose kind if ruin it for me.
This cover is... (sort of) for me.

UK cover
This is another cover I can't really decide on. I like the colors; the white, to me, fits the book better than the black and red (***SPOILER***looks like the Netherworld fog thing that appears when Kaylee screams/sings***SPOILER OVER***). While having the model appear to be screaming fits the book, I can't help but think she's making a weird face, and looks a bit like she's yawning. I like the two-tone title, and the font is nice. I kind of like how it's plain, except for the one word.
This cover is... undecided. There are a few elements I like, but they're so minor, and I don't like the bigger elements.

French cover
I was getting the link to the Goodreads page when I stumbled across this. Yay, another cover to pass judgement on! Now, onto my thoughts.
Meh. It looks more contemporary coming-of-age than a paranormal. I'm not quite sure what's going on with the color swoopy thing on the eye, I don't remember anything like that in the book (actually, color swoopy thing in mind, it looks like it's about witches). Wow, I can't think of anything else to say, except...
This cover is... not for me.

Tell me what ye be thinkin' o' these covers, me hearties!


Zombie Girrrl said...

The first US cover was all right, but the girl kind of twirls off the cover as the series progresses. Then on the fourth one, they bring in a guy to pull her back into the frame. Very weird. Nice post. :)

Lindsay :) said...

I LOVE the UK covers. They definitely stand out. I never noticed how it looked like a yawn..but I still love it.

The French cover is meh. The US cover is a a maybe for me. Only because I adore the UK cover so much though.