Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cover For Me 1

Cover For Me is all about book covers and what I think of them. Sometimes it will just be one cover, sometimes it will be different covers for the same book. This is one of the new features I mentioned when I changed my name, which I hope to do once a week.

This week's cover is...

The Dreamwalker's Child by Steve Voake

This cover is the whole reason I picked up the book. I had never heard of it before (this was before I started blogging and hearing about books up to a year before they came out), I was just looking for something good in the YA section during a slight reading slump. I saw people inside giant bugs and was immediately interested.
I like the font, though I feel like the title placement is a little boring. The colors aren't really my favorites, but I think they work for the book. As for the three glowing orbs, they're supposed to be suns (I think, I haven't read this in a few years), but they always make me think of fairies, like the three fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty (or whichever princess had three). The bug ship thing, while interesting, kind of creeps me out. I just don't like bugs, especially that close up. But this book is really good, so I can put my fear of bugs aside for it.
This cover is... for me.

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Orchid said...

I like the new meme. The covers okay, probably not something I would pick up, but I'll probably (finally) borrow The Dreamwalker's Child to read since you say it's so good. ^_^