Monday, January 3, 2011

6 Degrees Reading Challenge

I have decided to host a reading challenge. I know, I know, there are already a million reading challenges out there and you couldn't possibly sign up for one more! Your plate is so full already! But you and I both know that even while you say that, you're busy filling out your entry for a new challenge. So why not make it this one?
You: I don't know what the challenge is, that's why!
Oh, right. Silly me! I forgot to give you the details before trying to get you to sign up!

Welcome to the very first

How does it work? Easy! (In theory.)

Read books that have something in common, going in a chain.
Book 1—character named John
Book 2—character named John, bunny on the cover
Book 3—bunny on the cover, set in Texas
Book 4—set in Texas, MC into photography
Book 5—MC into photography, MC is orphan
Book 6—MC is orphan, and if you really want to challenge yourself, you can try to connect this back to book 1 with something new.

There are four levels to this challenge.
  • Room Temperature: connect 6+ books
  • Getting Warmer: connect 12+ books
  • Turning the Heat Up: connect 18+ books
  • INFERNO!: connect 24 or more books
Each level has a different button (bottom of post), and you can change your level at any time during the challenge.

  • Be Creative - Books cannot be connected by author, genre, series, or publisher. Anything else goes. Using legitimate connections, you cannot connect more than 3 consecutive books from the same genre.
  • Deadline - All challenge books must be started and finished between January 1, 2011-December 31, 2011. Books started/read before signing up count as long as they're connected.
  • Data! Data! Data! - All connections must be listed on your challenge post.
  • Sharing is Caring - Books from other challenges count as long as they can be connected.
  • Make It Count - YA, mid-grade, children's, adult, graphic novels, mangas, comic books, and audio books count (all together now, "As long as they're connected."), but individual short stories DO NOT count. Books from the same series count as long as they're not read back to back (and try to limit the number of books you use from one series).
  • One Time Use - Connections and books can only be used once!
  • *singing* Put One Book in Front of the Other - You don't have to read all the challenge books back to back, but you do have to read them in the order that they're connected.
To join the challenge, just make a 6 Degrees Reading Challenge post on your blog (be sure to link back to this page) and add it to the Mr. Linky below. You do not need a blog to participate! If you're not a blogger, just comment here to say that you're doing the challenge, then comment again with your challenge list when you're done.

So, have at it, kiddies! ;)

Please include your name, blog name, and challenge level. Example: Ren @ All By MySHELF, Turning the Heat Up. Be sure to link directly to your challenge post.

EDIT: The buttons have been fixed.

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Orchid said...

Love the idea of the 6 Degrees Reading Challenge. Although, I'm still working on putting my list of books together for it. ^_^

Zombie Girrrl said...

Love this challenge! Count me in, Dahl--I mean Ren. ;)

Pavithra K said...

I hope Im not too late to join this! I loved the idea of connecting books together.And where are these innumerable reading challenges you are talking about! I could hardly find relevant ones!

Marriah said...

This is such a unique challenge, I had to join!Excited to start connecting :D

Anonymous said...

This is a brialliant idea for a challange!
I think it's too late in the year for me to try and do this but if you host another one in 2012 I am so there.