Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recap: First Nine of NaNo

The first nine days of NaNo have passed, and I managed to survive. I even managed to keep up with my word counts until Sunday. Here's a recap of my nine days of NaNoing.

Day 1: 2,143
Okay, I have to admit, I cheated a little here. I actually started writing Written in Stone sometime last year, but got stuck early on and decided to put it on the back burner and try again another time. I erased a lot of the first chapter (the part that led to my writer's block), but kept about a page and a half because I really liked them, and it's rare that I like the beginning of anything I write (it's the hardest part to write, and I usually scrap it later on). So, I really only wrote 786 words on day 1. It was really hard to build on what I already had.

Day 2: 4,068
I passed my word goal (1,667) on day 2 with a total of 1,925 words, which is when I started to get hope that I might actually win this year. Let's see how I was feeling about that on day 3.

Day 3: 4,912
Yeah, that hope I mentioned died a little on day 3. I was doing good... until I reached The Journal. See, there are supposed to be journal sections in the book from one of the characters (not the MC), and I had no idea how to start it! I tried a bunch of different openings for the journal, but they all sounded cliche and/or lame. Needless to say, day 3 was very frustrating.

Day 4: 6,329
Back on track! The Journal defeated (for now)! I didn't quite meet my word goal (only wrote 1,417), but it was still so much better than day 3 that I didn't really care.

Day 5: 8,828
Since I was a little behind from my lack of writing the previous two days, I got to work early and wrote like mad. Like mad, I say! And it really paid off. I wrote a total of 2,499 words that day, my current high score (haha) for NaNo, and managed to not only catch up to, but exceed the amount of words I needed by the end of day 5. Yay me!

Day 6: 10,866
Another day of writing like mad! 2,038 words written, putting me 864 words ahead of schedule. It was on this day the NaNo stats started saying I would actually finish in November. I was really excited about this fact until...

Day 7: 10,866
That number looks familiar. Where have I seen it before? Oh, I know, on my total words for day 6! Day 7 was not a good day for writing. I felt fine when I got up and had a long day of writing planned after church, but near the end of Mass my back started to hurt a bit. By the time we left the church it was killing me. When I got home I didn't feel like sitting in a chair for hours while I tried to meet my word goal, especially since that chair made my back hurt worse. So, after a barely tolerable few minutes online, I got off the computer and didn't get on again that day.

Day 8: 11,114
Feeling much better than I had on day 7, I was all ready to get back to writing and catch up on the day I missed, plus meet my word goal for day 8. I put on my big headphones, playing the soundtrack I made a few days before, opened the file with my book, and started writing. I felt like I was sort of on a role, but then it was time for dinner and I had to get off the computer, with less than 250 words. It also happened to be ZG's birthday, so their was dessert, and then me and ZG went and played video games for a while, and before I knew it, it was too late to write.

Day 9: 11,114
Another day of Absolutely. No. Writing. I honestly have no idea what happened on day 9. I was either sucked into Simpson's: Hit & Run on XBox, or the final case of Phoenix Write, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations. I've been going through a gaming phase lately (it happens every now and then), and it's really been cutting into my writing time. I want to write, I really do, but the games are just sooo much fun! And they're addictive! I know, I'm a bad NaNoer. T_T

Okay, so that's my first nine days of NaNo. I am determined to defeat the laziness/procrastination/distraction monster that has taken over my life this week and get back to writing. I managed to get a little writing done today and now have 12,167 words, putting me 4,603 words behind, a number that will hopefully be much lower and/or non-existent by the weekend (trying to be realistic here).

Eclectically yours,


The 355 said...

yayy!!! Good job! I cheated too! Last year I just copy and pasted my blog into the word counter and this year I had started it last year!
Ambrele/the 355 lives

Dana Wright said...

I am not doing the contest this year, but have been on vacation since Tuesday and have not written much at all. I have good intentions, really, but then the blogs (I have 5) call out to me to have glorious new pictures, or a new book review needs to be done, or well...Oh, my True Blood marathan that I never get to see while my husband is home. So I have to go back to work tomorrow and no pages. Not one. I did part of an outline for one book and the outline for my speaking event in Janurary for scbwi, but that is it. Maybe I should just work on it after my nap. Yeah...hmmm.

Nice to meet you. Started following you, so pop by my world of blogs if you get the time.


Dana @ Book Girl Knitting