Saturday, September 11, 2010

In My Mailbox 36

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I went on a road trip with my family last Saturday and found a Books-A-Million that was going out of business. *gasp* I thought it was kind of sad that a bookstore was closing, but quickly changed my mind when I found out everything was 50% off. Yay! Half price books are on the list of Things I Love, right after free books and before books in general. Anyway, I bought...

Dead Is Just a Rumor by Marlene Perez
Pub. date: August 2010
As the creepy little town of Nightshade prepares to celebrate its two hundredth anniversary — on Halloween, of course — many of its paranormal residents are receiving mysterious blackmail letters. Psychic teen Daisy Giordano and her sisters set out to find who is behind the threats. But launching an investigation isn’t easy for Daisy with her overprotective father watching her every move. Though she’s happy to have him back after the years he spent being held captive by an anti-paranormal group called the Scourge, Dad is having a difficult time adjusting to home life — and the fact that his little girl is now a senior in high school. He even disapproves of Daisy’s boyfriend, Ryan.

Ryan, meanwhile, to Daisy’s dismay, has been considering some faraway colleges thanks to the advice of Nightshade High’s new guidance counselor. Can their relationship take the strain?
And Daisy’s got even more on her plate: A talented amateur cook, she has won cooking lessons with celebrity chef Circe Silvertongue. After nosing around (with a little help from Circe’s pet pig), Daisy begins to suspect that the temperamental chef has got more secrets than just her ingredients . . .
I love this series! So I knew I had to get this as soon as I saw it. I almost missed it! I had all my books picked out, I thought I was done, until I looked down at one of the lower shelves and saw this. I'm so glad I looked down when I did.

My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent
Pub. date: December 2009
When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies.

So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn't wail, she knows something is dead wrong. She can't cry for someone who has no soul.
The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad's ironclad curfew and putting her too-hot-to-be-real boyfriend's loyalty to the test. But starry-eyed teens are trading their souls: a flickering lifetime of fame and fortune in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld—a consequence they can't possibly understand.
Kaylee can't let that happen, even if trying to save their souls means putting her own at risk….
I really liked My Soul to Take, and have been wanting to read My Soul to Save ever since I finished it. I only wished I owned the first one too, the sequel looks so lonely on my shelf without it.

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith
Pub. date: August 2010
Furnace Penitentiary: the world’s most secure prison for young offenders, buried a mile beneath the earth’s surface. Convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, sentenced to life without parole, “new fish” Alex Sawyer knows he has two choices: find a way out, or resign himself to a death behind bars, in the darkness at the bottom of the world. Except in Furnace, death is the least of his worries. Soon Alex discovers that the prison is a place of pure evil, where inhuman creatures in gas masks stalk the corridors at night, where giants in black suits drag screaming inmates into the shadows, where deformed beasts can be heard howling from the blood-drenched tunnels below. And behind everything is the mysterious, all-powerful warden, a man as cruel and dangerous as the devil himself, whose unthinkable acts have consequences that stretch far beyond the walls of the prison.
Together with a bunch of inmates—some innocent kids who have been framed, others cold-blooded killers—Alex plans an escape. But as he starts to uncover the truth about Furnace’s deeper, darker purpose, Alex’s actions grow ever more dangerous, and he must risk everything to expose this nightmare that’s hidden from the eyes of the world.
This one sounds really good, and kind of scary. I love the cover! It's so creepy!

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
Pub. date: July 2010
Sixteen year-old Lia Milthorpe has just recently lost her father, leaving her parentless. But when a strange mark appears on her wrist, she realizes she is being branded with much more than her newfound title of orphan. Lia and her twin sister Alice are part of an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other.

Lia hides this discovery from Alice and even from her beloved James, but to escape from the burden this secret bestows she must end the prophecy-before her sister. Only then will she understand the mysterious circumstances of her parents' deaths, the true meaning of the mark on her wrist, the lengths to which her sister will go to defeat her, and the impact the resolution of the prophecy could have.
With, haunting, lyrical prose, this multi-layered story of family, friendship, and romance explores the timeless question of predetermination versus free will. And it takes readers on an unforgettable coming-of-age journey where one sister's self-discovery could have an impact of Biblical proportion.
This too sounds really good. And I absolutely love the new cover! So much better than the last one, which made me not to read the book at all (I know, I know, judging a book by its cover and all that). I can't wait to read this!

The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman
Pub. date: September 2008
Honor and her parents have been reassigned to live on Island 365 in the Tranquil Sea. Life is peaceful there—the color of the sky is regulated by Earth Mother, a corporation that controls New Weather, and it almost never rains. Everyone fits into their rightful and predictable place. . . .

Except Honor. She doesn’t fit in, but then she meets Helix, a boy with a big heart and a keen sense for the world around them. Slowly, Honor and Helix begin to uncover a terrible truth about life on the Island: Sooner or later, those who are unpredictable disappear . . . and they don’t ever come back.
I remember reading about this a long time ago, and thought it sounded good, but kinda forgot about it before I could add it to my wish list. I love dystopian books, so I'm really looking forward to reading this.


Vampire Knight vol. 2 by Matsuri Hino
Pub. date: May 2007
Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At sunset, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, there to protect the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires.
I liked the first in this series, and was really happy to find out not too long ago that my library now has up to volume 6.

Death Note vol. 2 by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
Pub. date: November 2005
Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects - and he's bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal...or his life? Light thinks he's put an end to his troubles with the FBI - by using the Death Note to kill off the FBI agents working the case in Japan! But one of the agents has a fiancee who used to work in the Bureau, and now she's uncovered information that could lead to Light's capture. To make matters worse, L has emerged from the shadows to work directly with the task force headed by Light's father. With people pursuing him from every direction, will Light get caught in the conflux?
I really liked the first volume of Death Note, as well as the anime. I'm so glad my library finally got some of this series!


Evermore by Alyson Noel
Pub. date: February 2009
Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras, hear people’s thoughts, and know a person’s life story by touch. Going out of her way to shield herself from human contact to suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school—but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste…
Ever sees Damen and feels an instant recognition. He is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy, and he holds many secrets. Damen is able to make things appear and disappear, he always seems to know what she’s thinking—and he’s the only one who can silence the noise and the random energy in her head. She doesn’t know who he really is—or what he is. Damen equal parts light and darkness, and he belongs to an enchanted new world where no one ever dies.
I actually got this from Orchid a while ago, but I kept forgetting to IMM it. Oops. Well, better late than never! ;)

That's all I got this week. What's in your mailbox?

Eclectically yours,


Dazzling Mage said...

Ooh, awesome books this week! I like the cover for Dead is Just a Rumor!

Happy reading!

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Awesome books! They all look fabulous, Prophecy of the Sisters is great :)

Hope you enjoy them! :D

~The Book Pixie said...

My Soul to Save, Prophecy of the Sisters, and The Other Side of the Island are on my wishlist! I have and need to read Lockdown and Evermore. Enjoy your books. :D


Orchid said...

Ooh, so many great books, especially Prophecy of the Sisters, Death Note, Vampire Knight, and the new Dead Is book. Happy reading, hope you love Prophecy of the Sisters, it's one of my faves. ^_^