Thursday, January 21, 2010

How've ya been, NAVB?

I just remembered, I haven't posted an update on Not Another Vampire Book in a while, so, here's an update.

I have once again changed my mind about the opening. The one I have right now, which came to me at some ungodly hour in the morning and which I thought was brilliant, is kinda shallow and maybe not the best opener. I haven't reread it since I wrote it, so I could be making it worse in my head. I'll decide whether or not to change it after I read it again.

I hit a minor snag shortly after restarting chapter one. I was doing good, then I couldn't come up with a decent comeback for something one of the characters said. I sort of have something, but I can't quite get it down in writing yet. I'm sure it will work itself out soon enough.

While waiting for the comeback to come to me, I started writing an outline. I got through 10 or 11 chapters in one day a few days ago, and haven't worked on it since. I'll get back to it soon.
Based on the outline, I think this draft is going to turn out a lot better than the last. I've worked out all the different sub-plots, so not everyone's involved in everything this time. I don't know why I tried to have every character in every plotline last time. It turned out confusing and cluttered. I'm really glad I decided to write an outline, I think it's really going to help me avoid a lot of the mistakes I made last time.

And that's what's been happening with NAVB. I might try to finish the outline before I start writing again. It might help to know how everything's going to end before I continue.

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The 355 said...

Good luck! Might I also recomend (erg! I can't spell!) Nano Wrimo? It's a fundraiser thing in November! You are given to goals; Reach 50,000+ words and complete your Novel, in the month of November! I did it with The 355 and I finished it at 10:27 pm on the last day! It's a great experience and a way to get your mind to work on your novel! If you don't want to wait and want to up your word count then look up the blog Write or Die, this helps me out a lot by keeping me chained to the computer for ten minutes with a word count set! If you stop then it plays annoying sounds or it deletes your words! If you have trouble with the plot then I normaly start right off the back just writing with no clue, but soon I have a plot which I then write down in a large summary! Lastly find a certain band to be your muse to keep you writing! I listened to only Evanescence while writting The 355 Lives! (Not the greatest band to listen to when you work with all the lights off and writing a horror story!) Anyway sorry for the confusing and LOOOOOOONG comment! I just want to help! Good luck and I cant wait to seek my fangs (Haha I made a funny! ^.^) into one day!

The 355