Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Debut Author Challenge

I've decided to do a few challenges this year. I wanted to do some last year, but I didn't find out about any of them until it was too late for me to even think of completing them.

The Story Siren
So, the first challenge I'm doing is the 2010 Debut Author Challenge, hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.
Here's the list of books I might read for the challenge.

  1. Firespell by Chloe Neill*
  2. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
  3. The Line by Teri Hall
  4. Prophecy of Days by Christy Raedeke*
  5. The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea Campbell*
  6. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
  7. Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis
  8. Other by Karen Kincy
  9. Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler
  10. The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
  11. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
  12. Under My Skin by Judith Graves
  13. A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker*
  14. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa*
  15. Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  16. Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey
*own it

This might not be the final list, I'm not sure yet. They all sound good, but this was all put together kinda last minute, and I may change my mind later on (I do that, a lot). I gotta thank Kristi 1) for hosting the challenge, which sounds really fun and will be good for my personal library, and 2) for being incredibly helpful by posting a list and some sites for author debuting this year. It would have taken me a lot longer to make this list without her help. :)

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Andrea Cremer said...

Thanks so much for including Nightshade! I'm thrilled 2010 is here - can't wait to read these debuts :)

Christy Raedeke said...

I am so incredibly flattered that PROPHECY OF DAYS made your list!

May 2010 be full of good reads!


The Story Siren said...

YAY!! Thanks for signing up for the debut author challenge! It's going to be so much fun! You have an awesome list! Good Luck!

Kiersten White said...

Yay 2010! Thanks for supporting debut authors!

Orchid said...

Awesome list of new books. Good luck on the challenge. :)