Friday, September 4, 2009

More Rewrite News

I think it's about time for another update on the B1.1 rewrites.

I'm on page 13, chapter 5 (I like short chapters). So far, I've had four different narrators... but I think I've only had one voice. That's never good. There's just something about how all the characters describe other people that's very much the same. Here's a rare mini excerpt:

"She looked at me, eyebrows raised slightly like, ‘Go on.’"

They kind of all describe peoples' expressions like that. T_T
I don't know what happened! In the first draft, they all had their own way of telling the story, but now they all sound the same. It's really annoying! Maybe I just need to give myself a little more time to get adjusted or whatever.

Another problem I have is chapter 3. I hate it, plain and simple. I might have to go back and rewrite it sometime in the next few days (or hours), before I get any farther along and have to worry about taking something out of that chapter that ends up getting referenced later on (can you say plot hole?).
I don't know why it turned out so wrong. It could be a number of things (though I think it's a combination of the narrator and events of the chapter).
I'm really not looking forward to rewriting a rewritten chapter. At all. Rewriting the whole book, sure. Rewriting a single chapter in the middle of what's already been rewritten, not so much.

I think I've bored you with vague details concerning the rewrite (really getting tired of that word) enough for one day. I'll try not to post anything else like this for about a week or two.

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I'm taking a break from reviews until I finish all the books I'm currently reading, so don't expect a review for a while. I'll post some other book related stuff to keep you entertained until my reading pile is no more. :)

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