Thursday, August 13, 2009


 I didn't really know what to expect from Up. Honestly, the previews were pretty vague. I really wanted to see it though, because I think I've seen every other Disney/Pixar movie, and I liked them a lot.
This movie was depressing! It starts out with Carl as a little kid when he meets Ellie. Then it skips to their wedding, happy montage, and she dies! They were going to go to South America together, but things kept getting in the way so they had to spend the money for their trip on something else, and when they're old, Carl decides they should just go and he buys the tickets, and right before he gives them to her, something happens (exactly what was a little unclear) and she ends up in the hospital and she dies. But death is a common theme in children's movies (go figure), so I should have expected something like that.
After the depressing part was over, it was a really good movie. I loved Dug the dog. He was sooo cute! And Russel was kinda funny.
It started out sad and depressing, but like many children's movies, it had a happy ending. If you haven't seen Up, I highly recommend it. But if you're easily brought to tears, I suggest you have some tissues on hand. The short before the movie was also funny and cute (I love the Pixar shorts!).

Up gets five Fists of Rock.
Eclectically yours,


Orchid said...

Up was good, but I don't like sad animated movies. It just seems wrong to make a cartoon sad.

Black And Red said...

I loved Up! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

brave chickens said...

'Up' and 'Coraline' are on my next-movie-to-see-list. Can't wait :D