Friday, August 28, 2009

The Rewrite So Far

So, today I forced myself to start rewriting B1.1. I've been meaning to start since I posted about rewriting it, but I was am having a little trouble with the beginning. First it was the prologue. Older readers will know that B1.1 is about vampires, and everyone knows vampires are old, so there was a lot to choose from when deciding what part of the past the prologue would cover. Not only do the characters have a lot of past to choose form, but there are a lot of characters (10 vampires and 7 humans, I think). Of course, not all the characters are Super Important, so narrowing it down was pretty easy.

Anyway, the prologue is done, and looking rather nice if I do say so myself, but now the first chapter is being difficult. I had an idea, and I even did a little mental writing last night while trying to sleep (not very successful. Didn't my insomnia get the memo that I'd be rewriting a book today?), but I kinda forgot everything I came up with for that while writing the prologue. T_T

(my vampires don't actually suck blood, but I couldn't deny the kitties!)
I wonder if I should have worked on the idea for chapter 1 a little more before attempting to write it? Probably, but I often jump into projects before they're ready. *coughB15andB9cough*
I like don't hate the beginning of the chapter, it's the 539 words that follow that I hate. After the first 78 words I kinda lost track of the point. You know, the reason the characters were doing what they were doing? If you see it anywhere, please call 000-0000. ;)

I wonder if jumping between role plays on Shelfari and writing the book is part of the problem. I would focus on the book more (like I should), but I tend to lose hope after about ten minutes of staring at the page, especially when there isn't much on it. That blinky line (what's it called?) taunts me, reminding me that I'm stuck. CURSE YOU BLINKY LINE WHO'S NAME ESCAPES ME! CURSE YOOOUUU!

Anywho, that's how the book's doing so far. I've added a new word count to the right sidebar. This one is super new, and maybe lucky! I used the same kind of word count for B15 and B9, and they both failed (so did the B9 word count meter after a while). I should probably get back to work. But then, I might not be able to come up with anything else, like, ever again. Ahhhhh, quiter talk! How did that get there?! :o
I can't trust my fingers to type what I want! Maybe I should take a reading break to work through my Currently Reading pile.
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Steph Bowe said...

Good luck with the rewrites! Love that vampire kitteh photo :-)