Friday, August 21, 2009

New(ish) Project

Sorry for the lack of decent posts this month. I'm a little stuck with my movie reviews (there are two or three still waiting to be written), and I'm holding onto my last book review until I finish something else. But that's not why I've only been posting about contests lately.

The reason I haven't been posting anything of interest is because I'm preparing to rewrite B1.1. Right now I'm working on some of the characters, researching things I probably should've researched before writing the first draft, and building the soundtrack (not really all that important to the story, but it's nice to listen to music related to the book while I write it... or so I imagine, seeing as I've never had a completed soundtrack before I started writing). Because of the book, I haven't had much time to read, so I haven't finished anything since August 2 (which would explain the lack of reviews).

I hadn't originally planned to totally rewrite B1.1 (I was actually considering starting B1.2 this summer), but after I finished editing I found myself unsatisfied with the quality of the book. I could just imagine all the negative reviews that would have resulted had it, by some miracle, been published. I guess I have book blogging to thank, all the reviews I've read have taught me a lot about what does and doesn't work in books. B1.1 has an abundence of the things that, according to the majority of book bloggers, don't work. Let's hope I can fix those problems without creating too many more.

While I work on the rewrites, I'll try to keep up with my reading pile and reviews. If my posts come less frequently, you'll know why. Now, I've said before that my posts will slow down due to a new writing project, and ended up being wrong. I could be wrong again, but I just thought I should warn you anyway.

I have to go research some stuff, I'll post again when I have something to post about. =)

Eclectically yours,

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Orchid said...

Good luck withe rewrite. :)