Friday, July 24, 2009

Q&A Friday 5: Zombie Girrrl and Her Character

This week's Q&A Friday guest is my real-life and blogging buddy Zombie Girrrl aka 21 and the main character from her last story on 13 & Co.

Name: Maris, featured in The New Olympians
Genre: fantasy/adventure
Author: 21 (Zombie Girrrl)
Author's blog: The Everchanging Lives of 13 & Co.

For Characters

1. If you could put yourself in any other story, what would it be???

The Lord of the Rings, I would make an awesome tenth in the Fellowship!

2. If you were to write a book about your author, what genre would it be???

Hmm, toughy. If it were based on her life, it would just be contemporary fiction with a strong sisterhood vibe, but I'd like to see her in something more exciting like alternate reality fiction! She'd appreciate that.

3. Would you survive in a zombie apocalypse, or would you be eating brains???

Dude, I'd be leading the civies into battle against the undead legion! Machetes sharp and ready!

4. If you were given control of your story, would you change anything? What and why???

I wouldn't've dug up Aphrodite's artifact. Some things are best left in the ground.

5. Do you ever try to give your author writer's block (don't lie)???

Oh, all the time! I do things that she doesn't understand sometimes just to keep her on her toes! Hahaha!!!

For Bloggers

Blog(s): Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names, In Stitches, and 13 & Co.

1. What is your blog about???

Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names is where I post my thoughts on books. I read a lot of YA books and prefer fantasy and supernatural to contemporary fiction, though I read a lot of that too. I love that blog because of all the new books I’ve found through it and the all the people I’ve met (hi people!).
In Stitches is a place where I can (but don't often) post things I make and drawings and stuff. I haven’t posted on that one in a while, temperamental artist and all that. I haven’t made anything post worthy all summer.
13 & Co. is a group blog where me and a few friends post short stories. My last (and first) story was called The New Olympians and I'm working on a new one right now, it's about a girl cursed from birth with super bad luck. I'm torn between two titles, Mira, Mira or (un)Lucky 7.
I like Mira, Mira more. The other one (no offence) sounds a little cliche. :)

2. Would you survive in a zombie apocalypse, or would you be eating brains???
I'd totally survive! Why? Because I've got a Plan. Two of 'em, in fact. Both fool proof.

Plan A: Assess the Situation.
Before sharpening the ol' machete and fueling up the blow torch, I'd play Michael Jackson's Thriller for the approaching horde. If the zombies don't start dancing, then I'd know the situation has gone critical, and it's time for Plan B.
Plan B: Bunker Down.
I'd go to ground with my family and ride out the walking plague in secrecy and seclusion. In short; I'd hide, and I'd hide well. I think I'm ideally suited for this. I'm self-amused, so it's not like I need a ton of people around to keep my entertained; I enjoy rereading books, which is good because I think in case of a zombie apocalypse, the library would be closed; and I'm not afraid of eating new things, a fact that will come in handy when the food runs low and we have to supplement the larder by eating pinecones and dandelions.
3. Would you say you're obsessed with blogging???

Not really. I like reading blogs, looking at pictures, finding new books and authors, and I like posting stuff and seeing what people think, but I can go days without updating. (A fact I’m sure you’ve noticed.)

4. Name 1-3 blogs you love.

Can I say my own? No, that's cheating. I like Bloody Bookaholic, The Tainted Poet, and Design Inspired. Really though, I like everything I follow (duh). There are some great reviewers out there with great taste in books.

5. What's you favorite book, movie, or band/singer (answer as many as you want)???

Right now? World War Z, by Max Brooks and A Little Princess, by Francis Hogdson Burnett.
Movie would be a toss up between Snatch, Master and Commander, and Star Trek.
Band... Ugh! Too hard! My fave songs right now are Panic Switch by The Silversun Pickups, Feel Good Drag by Anberlin, Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps as played by Jake Shimabukuro on the ukulele. It made me smile and sort of want to cry. But my favorite singer is Mary Clayton. Listen to Gimme Shelter by the Stones, she sounds elemental, man!

6. If you were going to be famous, would you want to be a writer, actor/actress, musician, or athlete???

I have a recurring dream where I'm a speed skater in the Olympics, that's pretty awesome, but I think I'd want to do something more creative. Musician, maybe. I can't play an instrument, but if I could I'd wanna play bass guitar like Nikki Monninger. I have a lot of respect for writers though, so that would be a cool gig too. If I could get my thoughts organized, I’d say a writer, but my mind is a cluttered mess. Drawing works better for me than writing I think. Hmm, I think I'll have to say... An adventure seeking kayaker working in collaboration with National Geographic magazine to capture footage and photos of the worlds most remote and unspoiled scenery. Wait, that wasn't an option?

Thanks for stopping by, Zombie Girrrl!
If you would like to be interviewed here, visit the Q&A Friday page and fill out the questions in a comment. :)

Eclectically yours,


Zombie Girrrl said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for interviewing me, Dahlia!

Steph Bowe said...

Ooh I like Zombie Girrrl (is that the right number of rs?)