Friday, July 17, 2009

Q&A Friday 4: Steph Bowe

Q&A Friday is back! Yay! The fourth interview was supposed to be with 21 I mean, Zombie Girrrl, but she kept rewriting her answers, and Friday kept passing, and I kept forgetting, so... yeah. Anyway, she's rewriting her interview again, and I figure, I've made this one wait long enough (sorry, Steph!). So here it is, my interview with the awesome Steph Bowe and Gracie Dove, star of Gracie's List which can be read on Steph's blog, Hey, Teenager of the Year.

For Characters

Name: Gracie Dove
Genre: YA comedy?
Author: Steph Bowe (I don't have a screen name, I don't really care about anonymity)

1. If you could put yourself in any other story, what would it be???

TWILIGHT!! I would definitely be Alice.
2. If you were to write a book about your author, what genre would it be???

Romance, naturally. But not one of those stupid Mills & Boone books. It would be an upper YA romance, with the possibility of Steph getting laid.
Steph interjects: Gracie Dove, what did you just say??
3. What would you be in a zombie apocalypse, a zombie fighter or a zombie???

ZOMBIE. D'urg.
4. If you were given control of you story, would you change anything? What and why???

There would be zombies. I would be a zombie. It would be wicked.
5. Do you ever try to give your author writer's block (don't lie)???

Never! I give Steph soooo much to write about.
 For Writers

1. Why do you want to be a writer???

I can't imagine doing anything else.
 2. Do you have anything in common with your characters? Do you wish you were like them???

I am an amalgamation of Gracie and Teddy and Jake from Gracie's List. All of my characters are very similar to me.
3. Do you base characters on people you know? Do they end up like that even when you don't try???

I always make up characters.
 4. What would you be in a zombie apocalypse, a zombie fighter or a zombie???

ZOMBIE! I just got back from camp with a bunch of people I didn't know before camp, and we got along because we all drew zombie pictures. I should photograph my two zombie pictures and put them on my blog.
 5. What books/authors inspired you to write???

I always have written, but many of the fabulous authors I've interviewed on Hey, Teenager of the Year have inspired me along the way.
 6. How do you feel about killing your characters???

It must be done. Gruesomely.
 7. Do you have any advice for other writers???

Write. And write. And keep on writing. Eventually, you will get good.
 For Bloggers

1. What is your blog about???

Reading, writing, YA literature, zombies, puppies, underage sex, pyromania.
 2. Would you say you're obsessed with blogging???

I'm obsessed with refreshing my email.
 3. Name 1-3 blogs you love.

I can't. Sorry. Check out my blogroll.
 4. What's you favorite book, movie, or band/singer (answer as many as you want)???

Book: Can't choose one.
Movie: Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead
Band: The Killers, Matchbox Twenty
5. If you were going to be famous, would you want to be a writer, actor/actress, musician, or athlete???

A writer, a singer and an actress. All three!

Thanks for stopping by, Steph!
Currently, there are no finished interviews, so Q&A Friday may not be back for a while. If you would like to be interviewed here, visit the Q&A Friday page and fill out the questions in a comment. ^_^

Eclectically yours,


Steph Bowe said...

haha! thanks for interviewing me.

I can't even remember filling this in, and I'm like cringing as I read the Gracie bit.

Steph Bowe said...

by the way, LOVE Potter Puppet Pals at the bottom of the page :-) Awesome.

Zombie Girrrl said...

Hey, you make me sound like some neurotic, obsessive-compulsive type! You waited so long to publish it that my answers no longer applied.
I admire Steph's willingness to slay her characters. Sometimes it has to be done! And it should be dramatic! Blood spurting, eyes fluttering, grasping hands, squelching breaths, tears mingling with blood on the cracked floor, and oh, the last words! They must be gut-wrenching, "I always loved you," he murmured with his dying breath, his head sagging to one side, his hand limp in hers. Because then you can have a vendetta! Her soul died that night. She was no longer who she’d been. They had awakened a monster, and it was coming for them. It wanted blood. It wanted them to pay. It wanted him back, and since she couldn’t have that, it would teach them to know her anguish. To fear it.
Yes, killing characters is very important, and, "It must be done. Gruesomely." Yet with style.

Gracie Dove said...

Thanks for interviewing me xo

Steph Bowe said...

Zombie Girrrl, you're really cool.