Monday, June 22, 2009

Why My Posts Haven't Been Very Good Lately

You might have noticed the lack of decent posts lately. You also might have noticed the word count for B9 hasn't moved in... a while.
I wish I could say that my lack of updates and whatnot is because I've been sooo busy writing that I haven't had time for the blog, or even enough time to update the word count here. But sadly, that would be a lie.


I have a detailed outline of the book, I know all the characters, so it's not like one of them is throwing me off (like one character in B15.1), and I even know exactly what's going to happen next. I'm just having trouble getting the words out. Maybe I need more music. I've been working on the soundtrack, and it now has 7 songs (which is considerably more than my other book soundtracks). But 7 songs go pretty fast and after the third or fourth time they start to annoy me.
I think maybe I just need to sit down with my iPod and force myself to write. I took a break from writing to edit the first page and a half so I could send it to my critique group, but I finished that a few days ago and still haven't gotten anything new done.
*sigh* I hope the book isn't dying.
I probably shouldn't be thinking like that. As soon as I start to think that the book is dying, it will die... Or at least go into a coma until I revisit it in a year or so.

Anyway, I have a lot of books to finish reading, and I should at least try to get something done with B9. So, the posts might be kinda "bleh" for a while (also, I've found myself spending more and more time on Shelfari).
There should be a few reviews up soon--one book and a movie--so you'll have those to look forward to. :)

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ReaderGirl said...

Oh don't worry, I was in the same rut! But then yesterday I stayed up till unearthly hours and wrote on and off and it felt like I did a lot! I just pushed throguha scene I felt like writing, and now I think if I try and do that more (The writing while doing other things) I'mll get more done! ^^ Maybe a short reading break would be helpful though? I took one too and it seemed to help to step away from it a bit. :)

Good luck!


ReaderGirl Reviews

Nadia Murti said...

The best thing to do is to keep telling yourself that if you stop writing, THEY will win. You don't want THEM to win. THEY can't win! Don't let THEM! Persevere! Don't give up, you'll feel horrible if you do!
Also, if you read some more books you might get some ideas.


21 said...

Oh no! Not writers bl- oof! >.< *is tackle by ninja monkeys trained to keep people from uttering the dreaded "B" word*
Maybe you should try listening to some music that doesn't have lyrics. Like, look for the kind of music they'd play for Thor, you know? Lots of base with some wordless, baritone chanting. That might help get the creative juices flowing without the possibility of having the lyrics rub of on your plot too heavily. Hope that helps. ^_^