Friday, June 5, 2009

Q&A Friday 2: Madeline

It's time for another edition of Q&A Friday. Whoo-hoo!!! This week's guest is Madeline, a writer and blogger. On to the questions (and answers)!

For Writers

1. Why do you want to be a writer???

Thats a tough question. the main reason is I don't know life without writing, I always have moments where I just want to write. And when I get into writing it's like this amazing trance.
2. Do you have anything in common with your characters? Do you wish you were like them???

OMG Yes! I have a role playing character which is part of a royal family. Well, she is related to them. Like the plot says. she has 'blue blood'. That would be awesome!
3. Do you base characters on people you know? Do they end up like that even when you don't try???

I don't think I have knowingly based a character of somebody I know. Often characters do turn out reminding me of such and such a person, but I never intend that to happen! :D
4. What would you be in a zombie apocalypse, a zombie fighter or a zombie???

Um... I really have no idea. Just a zombie?
5. What books/authors inspired you to write???

I don't really have any authors that imspire me to write. But the whole Spirit Flyer series is quite inspiring. It's a bit of what got me really into writting. It's funny, I've never actually finished the whole series though! lol
6. How do you feel about killing your characters???

To tell you the truth, I've never killed a character. Which I guess means I don't feel great about killing them.
7. Do you have any advice for other writers???

My advise would be go to NaNoWriMo... lol. That is good advise though, because before it I've never actually finished a story. Once oyu finish a story you ahve far more trust in your writting ability, and wether you keep that story or move on to other things is beside the point.
For Bloggers

1. What is your blog about??? Writing. I needed some place to just chat. The main reason being I'm not part of any writting forums, apart from the NaNoWriMo forum.
2. Would you say you're obsessed with blogging???

Not really, I go through stages. Sometimes I just have to post and post and post. Then other times I can not be bothered.
3. Name 1-3 blogs you love.

Um, I don't really follow other peoples blogs... *sham* I never found them up till recently and I can not say that I love any yet.
4. What's you favorite book, movie, or band/singer (answer as many as you want)???

Oooh, I love Ice Age 1 and Ice Age 2. I'm endlessly quoteing lines from them, and not just randomly. You can fit them in to so many situations in life.
5. If you were going to be famous, would you want to be a writer, actor/actress, musician, or athlete???
Well dancer, so athlete I guess. I've never wanted to become famous through writting, it's just something that I enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by, Madeline!
Check back in a week for more Q&A Friday fun! :)

Eclectically yours,

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