Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I just received the One Lovely Blog award from Steph of Hey, Teenager of the Year. Thanks, Steph!!!

Okay, the rules for this award weren't posted, but I found out on someone else's blog that I'm supposed to give it to 15 other blogs. I can't think of 15 blogs, so I'll just give it to however many I want. :)

HeiLaLa: My iNTUiTiON
Brave Chicken's Look On the World
Readergirl Reviews
With A Sweet Cherry On Top
Nano Dump
Bethany-la's Secret Cave

Okay, folks, get 'em while they're hot. ;)

Eclectically yours,


Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much Dahlia! *hugs* That's really nice! :)

Amelia said...


Nadia Murti said...


brave chickens said...

Aww, thanks Dahlia :)
That's so nice. You know my blog isn't as awesome to deserve such an award *sheepish grin*

Madeline said...

OMG Thank you! :D Sorry I'm kind of late with replying to this, I rarely check my comments because I rarely get many.