Sunday, May 3, 2009

Name Contest Winners!!!

Okay people, at long last the contest has ended and the winners have been randomly picked. Now, without further ado... wait, let's have a little more ado. Lalalala. Okay, ado over. Here's the dramatic name drawing ceremony.
The DisneyLand 50th Anniversary hat from which the names will be drawn.
Me tossing the names around.
 Me drawing Dude's Name
Me drawing Chick's name
Dude's name!!!
Chick's name!!!
 Amelia and Heilala!!!
Amelia won the Dude half of the contest with the name Dmitri Sterling, and Heilala won the Chick half with her name, Jerica Lily-Anne Wiley. Here's your badge!
I'd like to thank everyone who entered: Tally&Zane, Nadia Murti, Maggie, Liyana, and of course, the winners. You guys are awesome!!! I really didn't think I'd get very many entries, but you guys just proved what great readers you are. Thanks so much!!!
I'd also like to thank 21 for helping me with the pictures. :)
Check out the other names that were entered here.

Eclectically yours,

I forgot to say, I loved all the names you guys submitted. I really wish this book had a larger cast just so I wouldn't have to leave any of them out! :)


21 said...

I've just awarded you with *Your Blog ROCKS* award!
Yay for you!
Get the deets on my blog!

Amelia said...

Yay us!
I loved your contest, and it couldn't have come at a better time cause me, my bff, and her baby daddy have been talking about names. They, unlike you, didn't like any of the names I picked. Apparently Magdelena is a "normal" name lol.

Dame Orchid said...

Congratulations, Heilala and Amelia. :)