Sunday, May 10, 2009

In My Mailbox 4

In My Mailbox was started by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. None of these books were or ever will be in my mailbox, but whatever.

From the library:
The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson
Pub. date: August 2005
"In this fantastical thriller, five young teens tapped as models for theme park "guides" find themselves pitted against Disney villains and witches that threaten both the future of Walt Disney World and the stability of the world outside its walls. Using a cutting-edge technology called DHI--which stands for both Disney Host Interactive and Daylight Hologram Imaging--Finn Whitman, an Orlando teen, and four other kids are transformed into hologram projections that guide guests through the park. The new technology turns out, however, to have unexpected effects that are both thrilling and scary. Soon Finn finds himself transported in his DHI form into the Magic Kingdom at night. Is it real? Is he dreaming?
Finn's confusion only increases when he encounters Wayne, an elderly Imagineer who tells him that the park is in grave danger. Led by the scheming witch, Maleficent, a mysterious group of characters called the Overtakers is plotting to destroy Disney's beloved realm, and maybe more.
This gripping high-tech tale will thrill every kid who has ever dreamed of sneaking into Walt Disney World after hours and wondered what happens at night, when the park is closed."
Evil Disney characters trying to take over the park? That could be interesting.

Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock
Pub. date: September 2007
"Sherlock Holmes, just thirteen, is a misfit. His highborn mother is the daughter of an aristocratic family, his father a poor Jew. Their marriage flouts tradition and makes them social pariahs in the London of the 1860s; and their son, Sherlock, bears the burden of their rebellion. Friendless, bullied at school, he belongs nowhere and has only his wits to help him make his way.
But what wits they are! His keen powers of observation are already apparent, though he is still a boy. He loves to amuse himself by constructing histories from the smallest detail for everyone he meets. Partly for fun, he focuses his attention on a sensational murder to see if he can solve it. But his game turns deadly serious when he finds himself the accused — and in London, they hang boys of thirteen.
Shane Peacock has created a boy who bears all the seeds of the character who has mesmerized millions: the relentless eye, the sense of justice, and the complex ego. The boy Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating character who is sure to become a fast favorite with young readers everywhere."
I'm usually not that into mysteries and stuff, but I liked the first book in the Young James Bond series (I still need to read the second one) and in my mind James Bond and Sherlock Holmes are pretty similar, so I thought I'd give this one a try.

From Barnes & Noble:
Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz
Pub. date: April 2009
"As the fourth novel in the spellbinding Gatekeepers series begins, the world is under the greatest threat it's ever known. The evil corporation Nightrise has amassed an immense amount of power . . . and the devastating force of the Old Ones is about to be unleashed around the globe. To stop this from happening, Matt and three of the Gatekeepers head to Hong Kong--not just the modern city of skyscrapers and wealth, but the secretive underworld beneath. In Hong Kong they will meet the final Gatekeeper, a girl named Scarlet, whose fate is inextricably joined to their own...."
I've been waiting for this book ever since I started reading the series way back in 05. I believe this is the first book by the author with a female main character. I thought that the super awesome cover to the left was only going to be available in England, but it appears I was wrong. Yay!!!!! The original American cover that was on B& was really lame (like the second and third hardback covers).

This week I also received a lovely zombie drawing from Steph over at Hey, Teenager of the Year. Thanks, Steph! :)

So, that's what I got this week. I'm so excited about Necropolis!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Eclectically yours,


Anonymous said...

I love all stuff by Anthony Horowitz-though I have to admit that I love the Alex Rider series better than The POwer of Five. Have fun reading!!


Dame Orchid said...

I really, really cannot wait to read Necropolis. I love the Gatekeepers series; actually I love all of Anthony Horowitz's books. :)

Ravenous Reader said...

All great books. I really want to read Necropolis.

Lianne said...

They all look cool enjoy!

Rebecca said...

Awesome books this week, I love Anthony Horowitz books'. Enjoy.

susan said...

The Horowitz book sounds interesting. Happy reading.

The Story Siren said...

great book week! lots of titles i haven't heard of! happy reading and thanks for participating in IMM!

Carrie said...

Kingdom Keepers is awesome. Enjoy!!

wdebo said...

Kingdom Keepers sounds pretty interesting!

Wdebo :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your books!

21 said...

Hurray! You finally get to read Necropolis, and you snagged the Brit cover! Double score. Happy reading! ^_^