Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry, I Don't Really Know What to Write About

The title pretty much says it all. I was hoping to post a review today, but I'm unhappy with my current review for Specials (I still haven't rewritten it), and I'm just stuck with my review of Sea of Monsters. :(

I should probably be reading right now. I mean, my books are due back Tuesday and I still have, like, a quarter left in The Supernaturalist (which I'm not liking, but I must finish so I can review it), and I've just started The Devil's Breath. I mean, I'm only one chapter in. Ugh, I'm never going to finish on time! Not unless I read all day tomorrow, and that doesn't seem likely, seeing as I'm not very into the books. T_T

Well, I guess that's it. This post was pretty pointless. Sorry about that.

Eclectically yours,

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Nadia Murti said...

The BEDA Crazy may be getting to you....