Monday, April 20, 2009

Reviews That Won't Happen

I know I should've spent the day reading, but I didn't. Now, I have to go to the library tomorrow, and I don't think I'm going to recheck those books (maybe I'll recheck The Devil's Breath, because I only read two chapters). The Supernaturalist was painfully boring!!! I can't bring myself to finish it, let alone check it out again! So, that won't be getting a review. Oh, and I was wrong in my last post. I thought I only had a quarter left, but it turns out I'd just barely reached the halfway point. But it seemed like I read so much more than that! I spent so much time reading, and I barely made a dent!
Oh, the horror that is a boring book! T_T

Anyway, just thought I'd give you the status of those books. I should really start working on my reviews for Specials and Sea of Monsters. You can expect an IMM post when I get back from the library tomorrow.

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There are 15 entries for my name contest. Whoo-hoo!!! Keep the names coming! You guys are awesome!

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Nadia Murti said...

Boring books are TORTURE. But I hate not finishing a book. Oh, what a dilemma. I'm in total anguish when I start reading a bad book: Finish it and suffer, or be my OCD self and trudge through?

Sorry about "The Supernaturalists"