Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Leaving My Mark on the World, One Book at a Time

For a while now I've had a book I don't like, don't plan to finish, and didn't know what to do with. But now, after little debate, I've decided to donate my hardback copy of Evil Genius to my library. The YA section is severely lacking, and I thought someone would probably like it. It's not like I want it.
The picture below is a stamp I bought today to mark all the books I donate. Do you like it? I can't decide if it should go in the front or the back, inside of the cover or on the title page. So many decisions.
Eclectically yours,


Dame Orchid said...

I like think your stamp is awesome, along with your idea of stamping the books that you're going to donate. :)

Book Junkie said...

I agree with ^^^ its very cool.
The YA sections in all three of them suck majorly. They have almost no good books other than Harry Potter. I had a list with 500+ books I wanted to read and out of all three of them, they only had like 75. And most of the books on my list were pretty popular. It's sad.