Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Day

Could it be? Have I actually made it all the way through BEDA without missing a post?

Well, my minions, it can be, and it is. I, Dahlia, have blogged every day this April. It was hard, and sometimes my posts weren't really worth reading, but I did it. Whoo-hoo!!! Now I can finally go back to blogging every other day or so (I didn't really have a schedule before). :)

But today isn't just the last day of BEDA, it's also the last day to enter my Name Contest. I think I might start working on some sort of badge thing for the winners or something. Just so they have something to take away from this (other than bragging rights). I'm thinking one of those name tags that says, "Hi, my name is..." I'm still trying to think of what would be in the blank space.

Well, that's about it. If you haven't submitted your entry yet, I suggest you do so before midnight tonight, otherwise it won't count. Like I said before, I'll announce the winners sometime in the first week of May.

Eclectically yours,


brave chickens said...

I love contests. But I discovered your truly awesome blog today.
Write on, fellow booklover!

Maria said...

Ditto to the comment above. Found your blog yesterday and today I read your writing on the other blog (13 and CO). You have a talent for writing. Keep it up!

P.S I loved the word counter for your novel so I stole it for my blog =))

Nadia Murti said...

April was painful.

I can't wait until the names are announced!