Friday, April 3, 2009

Inspiration, A New Look, and Flowers

Last night I was struck by inspiration and started writing B15.1 (see my progress on the right). All I'll say about the story is that it's a supernatural/action/thriller about vampires. I think it's very promising. So far I have two books planned for the series.
Now, I have to tell you where I got the idea, because you just will not believe it.
Yes, I, the biggest Twilight hater of all, was actually inspired by it. Okay, "inspired" isn't the right word, I'm not quite sure what is (that says a lot about my potential writing career). I saw the movie with two of my friends the other day (it was totally injured, a complete cinematic joke), and while thinking about things that could have been added to make it better, I realized Stephenie Meyer's big mistake and decided go with it and use it for a new book. And thus, B15 was born.
I'm beginning to think my calling as a writer is vampires. This is the second vampire book I've started, and just like the last one, I started it just a few days after coming up with the story. Vampire books just seem to be really easy for me.

I hope you've noticed that I've made a few changes (look up). The water drops were nice, but I grew tired of them. So I decided to replace them with something else that is strangely cool to look at: jellyfish. I've always been fascinated by jellyfish, don't know why.

I've decided to try my hand at gardening (again). I've tried growing things before, but they either A) didn't grow or B) died shortly after showing some signs of life. Hopefully this time will be different.
The plant in question is non other than my namesake, the dahlia. Below is a (almost identical) picture of the bag of seeds I bought. Luckily, my mom went through a gardening phase so we have a purple flower pot. Yay, purple!
I think that's enough rambling for now. I should really save this post for tommorrow, just in case I run out of things to say and come up one post shy of completing BEDA, but I really want to post this now. :)
Eclectically yours,


Amelia said...

I love jellyfish! These are my favs

Dame Orchid said...

Hopefully you won't kill your name sake. I personally do not like gardening because plants don't last very long when I care for them.