Thursday, April 9, 2009

Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

"High school senior by day, published author by night, 17-year-old Jessica is about to make a life-changing discovery: that the vampire world of her novels truly exists."
(left: the new cover for Demon in My View. right: the old cover, which is what Orchid owns (I borrowed the book from her))

I liked this book, but I have to admit, it was a little disappointing. I was expecting it to be scary, or at least a little bit sickening (it is about vampires). But I guess vampires just don't bother me like they used to. I actually used to be afriad of vampires (yes, I know they're not real!), but sometime between reading Vladimir Tod and a particularly gross feeding scene in Dangerous Girls, I must have lost my fear.
Like I said, the book was good, I guess I just thought it would be more... violent. I definitely want to read the rest of the Den of Shadows series.
It's been a while since I read it, so I don't remember the characters as much as I do for most of my reviews. But I don't remember hating any of them while I was reading (except Fala, she was cuckoo *makes international sign for crazy*). I think I found Jessica to be a bit annoying at times, but nothing too severe.
This book wasn't amazing, but it was short and good, so I might read it again. Not as scary as I would have liked (never thought I'd say that), but I still liked it. I read it in one sitting, which isn't saying much considering it's only 176 pages.

I give this book four Fists of Rock
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