Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coraline and Confessions of a Shopaholic

Just got back from the movies, and I must say, it was rather enjoyable.
Coraline was definitely my favorite of the two (it is the one I wanted to see). I really love claymation movies. Nightmare Before Christmas (a.k.a. the movie that killed punk), Corpse Bride, James and the Giant Peach, I liked them all. Coraline is now one of my fave movies, and I totally plan on buying it.
I've never read Coraline, but now that I've seen the movie, I think I'll have to. I loved the story! It was creepy, but not too creepy. I wonder if my library has it...
I liked Coraline's hat. It was cool. :)
Anyway, on to the rating. I give Coraline (can I say the title one more time?) five Fists of Rock.

For being a chick flick, Confessions of a Shopaholic wasn't too bad. I mean, I didn't feel like I was dying while watching it. It was kind of funny at times, though it's still not something I'd willingly see again. I kept thinking the whole time that the guy looked familiar, but I couldn't place where I'd see him before. I didn't find out until the movie was over (when my friends said something) that he played Prince Char in Ella Enchanted. The main character looked a lot like Amy Adams from Enchanted.
I give this movie two Fists of Rock.
And that concludes this movie review. :D
Eclectically yours,


21 said...

The girl from Confessions was in Wedding Crashers, she played the crazy bridesmaid. Coraline was good. When the movie was over, a little, little kid ran over, gave me a hug, and called me her "Other Mother". It was cute, but I'm not sure how to take that. The other mother was, like, evil. o_O?

Nadia Murti said...

That guy is so good-looking...

Dame Orchid said...

I loved Coraline, it's now in my top five of favorite movies.