Sunday, March 1, 2009


I recently got back from an advanced screening of DC's new movie, Watchmen. Let me just start by saying, it definitely earned its rating. This was probably the most R rated movie I've ever seen. The violence. Oh, the violence (among other things).
To be honest, I wasn't totally (or even partially) sure what was going on half the time. I think that's one of those things where you would have to have read the graphic novel for it to make any sense. I don't even know what the majority of their "superhero"* names were supposed to be.
I had a bit of a laugh over one character, though. He was like geeky Batman, and he looked like Chevy Chase when he had his mask on. It was kind of hilarious.
Like most of the other violent, R rated movies I've seen (300, The Departed), I probably won't remember much about Watchmen in a week (which means it will just be a blur by the time it hits theaters). But I'll give it one thing, it had a good soundtrack (and I don't normally like music from the 60s). Unfortunately, I missed the MCR remake of Desolation Row that played during the credits. :( But why bother listening to it during the credits when you can watch the video?!

To sum up, I didn't really like this movie. I don't recommend it. If you're not into violence and whatnot, I suggest you go see Witch Mountain instead.

Eclectically yours,

*I put it in quotations because they weren't very super, and they definitely weren't heroes.


21 said...

Advanced screening?! Whoa, man, that's so cool! Too bad it sucked.

deltay said...

Watchmen hmm... haha "*I put it in quotations because they weren't very super, and they definitely weren't heroes." made me laugh. That's too bad it wasn't that good. Lucky though, that you got to go see an advanced screening!

Thanks for the link, but I think I actually saw the entry on Scott Westerfeld's blog a while back. Still, it was pretty exciting to find one of my own accord though :)

Dame Orchid said...

If it was as bad as you say it was, I think I will pass on seeing it.

Amelia said...

that's the link to it on Pyzam. Thanks in advance if you still want to do it.