Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Worst Possible Thing To Say

I got my hair cut today. I've been wanting to cut it short for a while now and I finally did it. However, I had a bit of a scare over the end result when my mom came over and asked "What have you done?"
Definitely not what you want to hear when there's a pile of hair on the floor and not much left on your head to undo any damages (though I totally love my new haircut. my mom was just over-reacting). So in honor of that comment, I have decided to make a list of Things You Should Never Say To Someone Getting A Haircut.

  1. The aforementioned "What have you done?" It not only freaks out the hair cutter, but also the hair cuttee. Should never be said when scissors are near hair.
  2. "Oh..." This one is only bad when said in a worried or uncertain tone. Though this should never be said during hair cutting just to avoid worrying the subject of the haircut.
  3. "That's... pretty." There are a number of words that can be used after the pause that will send anyone getting a haircut into a panic.
  4. "Are you sure about this?" Not the best words of encouragement.
  5. "Can we fix that?" usually said in a hushed tone to a close friend, but the subject of said 'fixing' will likely hear and possibly be brought to tears.
  6. "It'll grow out." This is something you're only likely to hear after all the hair cutting has been done, normally after passing negative judgment on it yourself.
  7. "You know that hat you really wanted?" This obviously implies that the person doesn't want to be seen with you while your hair looks the way it does.
  8. "I hear it's all the rage in Europe." Said normally with a forced smile as the speaker attempts to comfort someone on an outrageous haircut that isn't cool anywhere.
  9. "I think we could take off a little more here." This could be said by either a friend, family member or stylist. Be sure you know exactly where they want to take more off and exactly how much, otherwise you could end up hearing 1-8.
  10. "OH MY GOD!!!" This is usually used when the speaker is absent for the entire hair cutting, had no idea what you were going in for, and probably when your hair has been dyed as well. Though, depending on the tone, it could be a good thing too.
Well, that's all I can think of. Have you heard any of these while getting a haircut? Have any others to add to the list?


Dame Orchid said...

I loved #5 "Can we fix that." But on the whole that list very funny. :)

21 said...

I hear, "Are you sure about this?" from my friends all the time. I really hate it because by the time I get the nerve up to go cut my hair, I've already put in a good three of months of thought about what I want done. But what I really hate is when my stylist asks me for my expert opinion. You're the one with the scissors, just let me close my eyes and you can tell me when it's over! Haircuts can be very traumatic. XO

Nadia Murti said...

Those are all pretty bad things to hear, but something worse is to have your friend/mom/person to burst out laughing. Yeah, I've seen it happen.