Monday, January 12, 2009

When Authors Are Awesome

All this month Justine Larbalestier is answering writing questions on her blog. A few days ago I submitted a question and last night I got an answer. You can read it here. I was so excited to see my question answered! And the post was quite helpful too. I suggest you go read Justine's blog, and if you have a writing question, you can ask here. She has a bunch of tips on writing, and they're all written in a none-know-it-all-y way (she plainly says many times that she doesn't have all the answers). She seems like a really cool author and her books sound really good (I should really read one those books, but I'd have to find one at the library first).

I love it when authors do stuff like this. I think it's really cool and I plan to do a lot of similar things if/when I get published. You probably all recall my post about suggestions for being a reader friendly author, I'm still taking comments on that subject (and probably won't stop accepting suggestions until I've heard every one possible).

Well, that's all for now. Au revoir.


Dame Orchid said...

That is sooooo cool the Justine Larbalestier answered your question. I love it when author answer their reader questions.

Nadia Murti said...

That's awesome!!

P.S. Did the blog link I sent you help?