Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teen, Inc. by Stefan Petrucha

I stayed up late into the night reading, and have finally finished one of the eighteen books on my list.
The book in question was Teen, Inc. by Stefan Petrucha. It was pretty good.

Spoiler Zone (highlight to read) Teen, Inc. is about Jaiden Beale, a fourteen year old boy adopted by NECorp after a faulty valve caused an explosion that killed his parents when he was a baby.
The first half of the book almost seems unnecessary, being mostly sarcasm and misadventures. Jaiden runs away from NECorp after they ruin his 'date', and ends up getting into a bit of trouble, involving four older teens, a stolen statuette, one police officer, some barbed wire and the dirtiest runoff you've ever seen. Jaiden gets a big cut on his arm from the barbed wire and ends up getting mercury poisoning when he falls into the runoff. He also sprained his ankle while climbing the fence, but that seemed to heal overnight.
The very middle of the book seemed a little boring to me, but it really picked up near the end. The villain seemed kind of lame for a while, until Jaiden, Nate and Jenny find found out just how much he was poisoning the water. Also, the villain started shooting at them.
The books ending was half predictable, half not. The bad guy lost, and I mean he lost everything; Jaiden and Jenny started dating, as with the end of any book/movie that has a male and female character. The somewhat unexpected part was when Jaiden was given the opportunity to leave NECorp and be adopted by a family near his school, or stay with NECorp, despite how much NECorp has ruined his life. He stayed with NECorp.

Overall, the book was good. A little slow in places, a lot of stuff that seemed like filler but might have been necessary. The characters were pretty good, though I think the author was a little out of touch with the way teenagers dress. Seriously, Jenny's clothes (the only ones really described in the book) were straight out of the 90s (though she was always saying how uncool she was. hehe). I noticed a lot of typos that not only bothered me, but actually disrupted the flow of the book a bit.

I give this book 3 0f 5 Fists of Rock:

Eclectically yours,


Dame Orchid said...

Now, don't know if I want to read this book. Books that are mostly filler frustrate me.

Nadia Murti said...

It doesn't actually seem all that great. I hate fuller books. And books with predictable climaxes. Along with editing errors. So I might just end up burning this book because of how much it bothers me. So I suppose it would be better not to read it.

That was kinda' long.


Dahlia said...

Yes, the book was kind of annoying at times. I actually got so bored with it that I started looking for another book to read.

And yes, my review was quite long. Hopefully I will be able to sum up my thoughts on the next book in fewer words. :)