Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Some Ramblings About Writing

Hello readers.
Just thought I'd drop a quick update on the whole B1 situation. 21 and Dame Orchid have finished reading it, and I'm still trying to get 6 to read it. I've been holding off on revisions until she reads it, which is also holding up the start of the second book. I think 21 and Orchid are a little mad at 6 right now for not reading, as they really want to read the sequel.
Other than the actual writing aspect of it, B2 is finished. I have written the plot, subplots (so many subplots), and I've almost finished all the new characters' histories (I've finished all the important ones). Yep, I'm all ready to start writing B2. If only 6 would read B1. 6, if you are reading this you better go pick up that book and read it cover. to. cover. D:< *grr* I have recently come up with two new ideas for books, one of which is just about complete (except for actually being written, of course). I have another idea, which I've had for months, but I'm severely stuck with it. All I really have is a main character, but there's no plot (at least, no point to the plot).

Well, that's really all I wanted to say. Now, I have a long list of books to get back to, and hopefully a turn on the Wii sometime in the next few minutes.

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Dame Orchid said...

I think I'm going to go find 6 and make her read b1. Because I can't wait for the second book.