Monday, January 26, 2009

OMG, This Post Isn't a Quiz!

I've noticed that I haven't done many real posts lately, just a bunch of quiz things. So, here is a real post with a real update on my life in the world of writing.

Holland Petalpockets (formerly 6, though still 6 on 13 and Co.) has yet to read B1. It is driving me insane!!! I've given her the book on multiple occasions (and took it back once when going through a writer's crisis), and she still hasn't read it. It's really killing me because I keep thinking B1 is bad and that makes me want to lock it away somewhere where no one can find it (that would be a writer's crisis).
Since Holland hasn't read B1, I haven't been able to start B2, which is annoying Orchid and 21, who really want to read the sequel.
Another thing I haven't been able to do because Holland won't read the book is send my query letter. I have to do one more round of revisions on B1 before I can send the dreaded query letter but I can't do those revisions until she reads the book.

Enough about B1, I actually have some other books to kind of sort of talk about.
I have completed plans for a two book series as well as a single book. There are about four or five other books in the works that are driving me crazy because they just won't come together. I'm currently working on plans for another book. I almost have all the plans worked out and just need to write them down (and come up with names and whatnot for all but the main character). I will get around to updating the numbers on the About Me just as soon as I'm totally sure on how many plans are finished (I tend to lose track after a while, particularly when the plot of a single book changes a lot).

On a different note, I have been neglecting my guitar. I've been meaning to practice for... well, since New Years, but I've been procrastinating or something. I should just sit down and force myself to practice, no matter how much it hurts (I absolutely hate fretting, but sadly music can't exist without it).
If I ever practice and actually get to a point where I can play music, and not just something barely resembling music, I want to start a band. My dream band consists of a drummer and bass player (obviously), a singer that won't ever abandon the rest of us for a solo career, two violinists, two cellists, and possibly another guitarists because two guitars always sound better than one. It would be awesome!!! But only if I buckle down and practice playing, otherwise I'll just be holding the rest of them back and could quite possibly get kicked out of my own band.

So, now you know why I haven't been posting much. And now, to make up for boring you with this really long post, here's a funny cat picture.



Nadia Murti said...

Holland, if you're reading this, then STOP. You should be reading B1, NOT this comment.

My sister once got a guitar. She tried to teach herself, but then she just got bored and now it's in the attic and missing 2 strings. It looks sad.

Ha ha! I love the kitty!


Dame Orchid said...

That cat was WEIRD! But also kind of cute. Your're right, waiting for b2 is killing me.

Holland Petalpockets said...

Jeez people, I've been busy. I do have a life and things I have to do. When I can carve a little time for B1 it will get read.

Oh,yeah and Dahlia, don't get your knickers in a knot!

21 said...

Haha, knickers. You know, Dahlia, you really DON'T have to wait for Holland to read B1 before you write B2. :P

Dahlia said...

21: I know I don't HAVE to wait for Holland to read B1, but I'd REALLY like to finish B1 (as in no more revisions, ready to be published) before I start the sequel. :)