Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Avatar Casting Revisited

I have temporarily changed my opinion on the Avatar casting. I was really mad because the actors didn't really look like the characters did in the show, but I have decided that their looks don't matter so much as their voice (they also better be able to act). The voice-overs are a big part of what made the characters who they were, they were all so perfect. Did you know that Sokka was meant to be a smaller character, but they changed that because of his voice-over? THAT'S JUST HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE!
I think my favorite Avatar voice-over was Grey Delisle, the voice of Azula. Just watch the finale and you'll know what I mean. If I were to do a full review on her performance as Azula, I would give it Too Much Rock For One Hand, my highest rating. I really wish she could play Azula in the movie, but I think she's too old.

It makes me think of this other show I used to watch, Skyland. It was a great story, excellent animation, good characters, but the whole thing was almost ruined by the voice-overs. They didn't match the characters, things were said in the wrong way, it just wasn't right. A great show with huge potential ruined by some bad voice acting. (though the show was still massively good)

So, I will not be mad about the casting choices anymore. As long as they sound right, I'll be happy. Also, the guys playing Aang, Sokka and Zuko better not wimp out on shaving their heads for the roles. Seriously, Sokka would not be the same without his Warrior Wolf Tail (he also better be willing to wear a dress when they visit Kyoshi Island), or Zuko without his... ponytail (I don't think it had a special name). I don't think there's much to worry about with the Aang kid, they'll make him shave his head no matter what (and put on a fake tattoo), because if he didn't the whole character would be ruined.

Well, I think I'll leave it at that for now. I'll revisit the subject when the movie comes out (or at least when they start showing previews for it). What are your thoughts on the casting choices? Do you care more about looks or voice?


Holland Petalpockets said...

Voice and acting are the most important. Looks aren't as important as long as key points are met, i.e. hair and skin color, also eye color if it is a key descriptive part.

Dame Orchid said...

First off, I too think that Grey Delisle did an amazing job on Azula'a voice. Plus, I agree with Holland Petalpockets that voice and acting are more important then looks.

Nadia Murti said...

I'm still mad about Jesse McCartney. Hopefully Jackson [Rathbone] will be a good Sokka. And I don't think anyone would let them get away with not shaving their heads.