Wednesday, December 17, 2008

50, Something Rotten, And An Online Book Club

Hiya people.

Big news. This marks the 50Th post to be published on Dahlia's Eclectic Mind. I'm so happy! It was October 21 when I got my Blogger account and started work on the layout and whatnot for DEM. I remember it like it was yesterday... not really, but it seemed like a good thing to say just then.

Anyway, on to the other topics mentioned in the headline.
Something Rotten by Alan Gratz is based on Hamlet. It's a really fast read. It was available for free online for a while, at which point I read about half of it. I never would have heard of this book without the help of one of my all time fave authors, Ally Carter.
Horatio Wilkes is a very funny character, dropping a sarcastic one liner every third sentence or so. Once I started reading Something Rotten I found myself a little addicted and unable to put it down.

"Denmark, Tennessee, stinks. The smell hits Horatio Wilkes the moment he pulls into town to visit his best friend, Hamilton Prince. And it's not just the paper plant and the polluted river that's stinking up Denmark: Hamilton's father has been poisoned and the killer is still at large. Why? Because nobody believes that Rex Prince was murdered. Nobody except Horatio and Hamilton. Now they need to find the killer, but it won't be easy. It seems like everyone in Denmark is a suspect. Motive, means, opportunity- they all have them. But who among them has committed murder most foul?"

I definitely plan on getting Something Rotten when it is released in paperback in January. I could probably read it again, which I hardly ever do. I really can't wait to read the next Horatio Wilkes Mystery, Something Wicked.

Now, moving on to the third order of business. The online book club.
Wonderful and talented author Ally Carter is starting an online book club. The first book to be discussed is, surprise surprise, Something Rotten by Alan Gratz. The discussion will take place on December 30, 2008. You can find out more here.
I participated in the Test Chat with authors Ally Carter, Alan Gratz, Kelly Parra, and Sara Zarr, and about thirty readers the other day and it was really fun. I loved having the opportunity to ask authors about writing. I'm really looking forward to the book club discussion on the 30.

That's all for now. Happy holidays.


Dame Orchid said...

I plan on reading Something rotten as soon as I finish the book I am currently reading.

Nadia Murti said...

I can't find Something Rotten, but if I can, I'll have to zoom through to make it to Ally's chat on time.

Faerie said...

Yay, 50th post!!! Whoo-hoo!

The book club thingy sounds fun, but oyu know how things are with me and books. :P

Aella said...

This looks awesome, but I can't get my hands on a copy of Something Rotten. It's probably too late. But there's going to be a next time right? Plus! 50 posts? Congratulations *applause*