Monday, November 10, 2008

My Eyes Burn

Ugh, I've been staring at the computer for hours. Luckily, I'm doing more than staring. I'm writing. I've been working tirelessly for at least six or seven hours trying to boost my word count. I'm finally in the 6,000s! Not very far in, but I'm in! Darkened Daylight (my NaNo book) picks up a lot sooner than my vampire book (still debating whether it's safe to put the title online).

The physical aspect of writing has been kind of slow because my wrist hurts and I've been wearing a brace since yesterday. The plastic piece in the brace that keeps my wrist from moving also keeps my hand from touching the laptop I've been using to write my book. With the brace induced lack of mobility in my hand and the way it slides around when I type, it reminds me of the robot hand in the doll grab machines. Weird, huh?
Not only that, but my shoulder has been getting kind of tired either from the position of my arm or the fact that my arm moves a lot more than it did without the brace making my hand slide around.

You know, my ears kind of hurt too. I can't write in silence and I haven't been writing in my room so I've had my iPod on almost all day. But I love music so much, I'd rather suffer through the pain than go without it.

Anyway, enough about pain and such. I didn't get a blog just so I could complain about stuff (lucky for you, because I'm an expert at complaining).

Hmm, now that I'm done complaining, I can't think of anything else to post about. Don't worry, I'll have something better next time. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye.
(That ^ does not look how it sounds)

(hehe, little Sound Of Music reference)


Dame Orchid said...

Maybe you should lay off on the headphones for awhile. Wow, auf wiedersehn, really doesn't look how it sounds (at all).

Nellie said...

WOW. Six or seven hours. *bows* I commend you, Lady Dahlia. The most I could do would probably be one or at the VERY VERY most two.
I'm writing a short story? Novel? I don't know how long it is because I'm handwriting it.
Auf Wiedersehen to you too. :-D