Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello Editing, My Old Frienemy

I just realized that it's been weeks since I did any editing on my book. Unfortunately, editing means staring at the computer for (possible) hours at a time, which makes my eyes burn to the point of me wanting to claw them out of my own head (sorry you had to hear that). Also, I lack a computer of my own so I have to use my Dad's laptop, which is in high demand at my house so getting a few undisturbed hours on it is hard.

But I can't keep putting off editing. The parental units grow impatient. I think my friends are getting kind of impatient too. I promised all mentioned parties that they could read my book after I finished editing it. But then, my editless streak wasn't entirely due to procrastination. For a while now I actually haven't been able to edit my book (okay, I could but it would be more tedious than before).

While editing my book earlier in the month, I kept a small piece of paper at hand to act as a bookmark. I know you can't put a bookmark in a Word document, I just used it to write down the chapter I was supposed to start on the next time I edited the book. Sadly, that paper was lost and I now have no idea where I left off. It's quite upsetting because I got pretty far.

Oh, whatever. I'll figure something out... or just scroll through the book until things start looking unedited again. I suppose I'll bring this rant to an end and bid you adieu.


Dame Orchid said...

How long do you think it will take you to finish editing your book? Because I can't wait to read it!

Dahlia said...

Dame Orchid: I dunno. A while I guess, maybe less. How 'bout I just tell you when I'm done. ^_^

Dame Orchid said...

OK, Just don't forget to tell me when your done.:)

Faerie said...

Are you going to make an audio version of your book too? That would be really nice cuz then I could listen to it instead of struggling with a huge book.