Monday, November 3, 2008

Eek, editing! Wait, this isn't so bad

Well, it took me two more days to start than I originally planned, but I have finally done it... or at least started it. Yep, I have right now, at this very moment, officially edited 11 chapters of my book. Keep in mind that these are short, Maximum Ride length chapters, but still, I managed to read 11 chapters of a book I wrote without pulling my hair out, screaming, crying, or swearing (which I never do, by the way).
I'm surprised, and happy, to say that I actually kind of like it... so far. I'm likely to come across something I hate soon. It's inevitable. I mean, me liking every part of a book I wrote would likely trigger the apocalypse. In fact, I can think of at least five parts off the top of my head that I plan on changing. But I'll leave those for another time. Right now, I'm in a fairly good mood and I don't feel like ruining it.
So, for all you writers out there, fear not. Last time I questioned whether it was possible for a writer to like anything they wrote, and now I know better. I actually laughed at my own work! I read something I wrote, and it made me happy!
I think a lot of it had to with the fact that I talked about my book with my friend while I was writing it. And you know what? She seemed excited to read it! Let me tell you, having someone who wants to read your book out of more than just curiosity can really help. It helps more if you give them an excerpt, whether it just be a verbal retelling or a printed out sample, and they still want to read it. But be sure that whoever you talk to about your book is into the story. You won't be doing yourself any favors by talking about, say, a sci-fi book with someone who's not interested in sci-fi.
Today's lesson is pretty much, find your target audience and don't condemn your book before reading it. After you finish writing, wait a month or so before going back to read it. Give yourself time to forget exactly how you worded everything so it seems less like your reading something you wrote and more like your rereading your favorite book for the millionth time.
That's really all the advice I can offer you for now. I'll be back soon with more Tales of Editing and maybe some more writing advice, though I'm not making any promises on the latter.


Anonymous said...

I would love to read your book! First books from new writers are always the best.

Carradee said...

"You won't be doing yourself any favors by talking about, say, a sci-fi book with someone who's not interested in sci-fi."

Don't be so sure. One of my fans for my current in-the-works YA fantasy novel is someone who utterly hates fantasy. Lewis? Tolkein? Ick. Me? She likes, and it was her pressuring me that helped me get the first draft done. (Even though this particular fantasy story of mine is the "high fantasy" type world.)

If you can somehow get that to happen, it's a HUGE uplift!

I know what you mean about the editing, though. A few times, I've quickly written a scene or something, intending to revise or replace it later, only to realize, when I look back at it, that with a little polish, it's not nearly as bad as I thought it was.